Welcome to SaveMyMarriageToday.org

Welcome to SaveMyMarriageToday.org, the perfect place to start repairing your marriage back to full strength. 

Divorce seems to be everywhere nowadays, it appears almost fashionable in some circles, popular celebrities often breaking up with their partners after relatively short periods of time spent together. The marriage survival statistics look shocking, more people are living together than getting married. You've probably wondered if healthy, satisfying and long-term relationships really are possible. Has the idea of marriage now simply become outdated?

We don't believe so. This site shows you why. It is our belief that the majority of marital problems are not due to irreconcilable differences or a lack of love. Typically it is a lack of interpersonal skills that are to blame. Miscommunication and poor conflict resolution alongside being negligent over establishing priorities can all severely impact your marriage.

Marriage is only worth what you and your partner are willing to invest in it. If you are allowing work to take priority, let arguments slide by and care less about intimacy then you are willing to throw your marriage away.

But if you elevate your marriage to being the most important aspect of your life, start to resolve conflicts as opposed to making your self feel better, and become a team when crises arise, you'll defy all the statistics out there! It is simply a choice you have to make.

SaveMyMarriageToday.org is jam packed with no-nonsense, up to the minute "proven" relationship restoring techniques. Categories cover the art of romance, trust and infidelity, the true value of marriage, communication in marriage, acts of love and marriage, marriage as a family and more. Both the male and female perspectives are addressed, in addition to the many shared values associated with how to save your marriage.

Additionally, we have a free newsletter available which details many powerful hidden relationship boosting strategies for you to master. Finally, there is the number one book for anyone wanting to avoid divorce and take steps towards saving their marriage - Save My Marriage Today, written by the highly successful author Amy Waterman. This is a complete and thorough walk-through of how to end your stress and anxiety to save your marriage, even if you are the only one who wants to work on it.

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- The SaveMyMarriageToday.org Team