How to Deal With a Jealous Husband and Get Your Marriage Back on Track

Dealing with a jealous husband isn't an easy task, but if handled well, you can fix the issue and have your marriage back on track in a remarkably short time. Making your jealous husband more comfortable relies in part on good communication skills, building trust in your marriage and conflict resolution skills. To learn more about these aspects of building a solid marriage, check out the Save My Marriage Todayáebook.

How to deal with a jealous husband: identify the root of the problem.
Dealing with a jealous husband requires a savvy hand and a cool head. If you're a passionate person who feels offended that your husband questions you, take a step back and try to see things from his perspective. If your situations were reversed and he was doing the things you do that bother him, would they bother you?á Sometimes dealing with a jealous husband is as easy as asking yourself this question and answering it honestly. Regardless of whether you're doing anything to provoke his jealousy, understanding why your husband is jealous is the root of fixing the problem.

Is your husband jealous of your children because you spend all your time with them? Do you go out with your friends and leave your husband behind? Try talking to him to determine what has caused him to feel this way, and make sure you don't react defensively. Be supportive and thank him for sharing with you. Jealousy sometimes stems from childhood issues that require the help of a therapist to resolve. Regardless of how you ultimately deal with a jealous husband, understanding his behaviour is the first key to turning it around.

Give him more attention.
Your husband may be jealous for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons that a husband is jealous is because his wife isn't paying enough attention to him. If you're often busy with work, hobbies or your children, your husband may feel left out of your life. When you don't make enough time for him, it's easy for him to resent the single dad down the street who shares duties with you at PTA meetings, or your girlfriend's polite fiancÚ who brings you drinks and clears the table. This is especially important if you've just had a new baby. New babies require a lot of time, but your husband may not have expected that and your husband may be jealous of the baby. If you notice your husband behaving jealously, try spending more time with him. Giving a jealous husband more attention is one of the easiest ways to fix the jealous husband problem, and doing this early on may help prevent it from escalating further.

Be open and honest - don't give him any reason to doubt you.
If you don't have anything to hide, don't get angry or annoyed when your jealous husband tries to double-check you. If your husband has a way to verify that you're always telling the truth, he will eventually stop doubting you. It's impossible to maintain a high level of vigilance long-term, so don't argue when your husband tries to prove you're lying to him. Once he sees that you're not arguing with his attempts to check up on you and you aren't hiding anything to make him worry, he'll gradually relax. This technique goes hand-in-hand with giving your jealous husband more attention; if you do both, you're almost guaranteed that his jealousy will relax with a little patience.

Draw firm boundaries.
At the same time you shouldn't give your husband any reason to doubt you, you should also draw firm boundaries at what you will and will not do to placate your husband. If your husband is jealous because you spend too much time out with your friends, invite him along. When he goes out with you and your friends, he'll see there's no reason to be jealous and may be so bored that he never wants to go along with you again. If your husband is jealous of a certain guy friend, pay more attention to your husband when he is around. Sit near your husband, hold his hand or kiss him in the presence of your male friend, and your husband will feel better about the role your friend plays in your life. Do not stop seeing your friends just because your husband is jealous. Don't let him cut your ties with important people in your life, as this makes it more difficult to stand your ground if his jealousy should escalate.

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