How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again? Powerful Expert Relationship Techniques Revealed

How do I get my wife to love me again?
If you're surprised one day with the announcement that your wife no-longer loves you, you probably don't know what to think and feel. You may be angry with her for dumping this on you. You may feel hurt that she no longer has the feelings she once did. You might be worried about divorce, or what happens to your relationship next. For ongoing tips and techniques to make your wife love you again, sign up for our free marriage improvement newsletter.

These are all common fears, and if you're committed to your relationship, the first question you'll ask yourself is "How do I get my wife to love me again?"

Start by improving communication in your marriage.
You and your wife didn't get to this point by discussing your problems, working together to resolve them and being respectful of one another's feelings. If you reach the point where your wife no longer loves you, it's probably related to problems in your marriage. We all want to believe that we treat our spouses well, and that nothing we do causes them to be unhappy, but sometimes that's not the case. The first step to making your wife love you again is to improve communication in your marriage and figure out where it went wrong.

Can a marriage counsellor make my wife love me again?
Marriage counsellors are great resources, and they can really help you and your wife figure out what caused your marital problems and work through to a possible resolution. Unfortunately, not all counsellors are alike, and finding one that is a good match for both you and your wife is a difficult prospect. If you're thinking about marriage counselling, try working through some of the exercises in the Save My Marriage Today ebook. Written by the successful author Amy Waterman, Save My Marriage Today contains many exercises to help you and your wife communicate more effectively and get to the root of the problems in your relationship. If you have success with those exercises, you may be able to work out the problems on your own and get your wife to love you again. If those exercises are unsuccessful, they can still serve as a starting point to getting you both into successful counselling.

Can I bring back the romance to get my wife to love me again?
If your wife says she doesn't love you anymore, be very careful about attempting to rekindle the romance you once felt. While this is your long-term goal, it's something that cannot be forced. Trying to cuddle, kiss your wife or engage in activities that you enjoyed together from the beginning of your marriage may only serve to alienate your wife, if she doesn't feel comfortable or feels the activities are contrived to win her love. You must proceed very cautiously when attempting to make your wife fall in love with you again.

If you are both committed to repairing your relationship, start by simply going on dates together. Don't have any expectations of sex, kissing or sharing personal space. If your wife initiates these activities - great. Otherwise, if you try to get her to engage in any of these things, she may feel that you're moving too fast and become uncomfortable. Simply enjoy spending time together, as you used to do. Go to a movie together. Have dinner, and talk about something other than your troubled relationship. Take a walk. It's important to realize that you can't 'force' your wife to love you again - you must let it come naturally, and give it space and room to grow.

If I buy her expensive things, will it make my wife fall in love with me again?
They say you can't buy love, and it's true even when your wife once loved you, but has somehow fallen out of love. Time and patience may give your wife an opportunity to fall in love with you again, but expensive gifts will only tell her that you're desperate, and probably make her angry and more distant than ever. Depending on why she fell out of love with you in the first place, your wife may no longer respect you, may not trust you or may find your habits irritating. Buying her gifts will only heighten those feelings of disrespect and annoyance. If you're not sure how to behave with your wife, try sitting down and talking about what she likes and doesn't like for you to do. By improving communication in your marriage, you can determine what is likely to be welcomed behaviour, and what will simply garner you more black marks.

Accept outside help.
Above practically anything else in a marriage, getting your wife to love you again is a delicate and difficult process. The things that work in one relationship won't necessarily work in the next. The Save My Marriage Today books contain exercises and information designed to help you and your wife communicate better, share your troubles and get on the track to saving your marriage.