Fall Back in Love - How to Get My Husband to Love Me Again

If you're wondering: "How to make my husband love me?" Chances are good that your marriage has gone drastically awry. If your husband tells you that he doesn't love you anymore, it may feel like it came out of the blue, but you may have been overlooking warning signs for months or years before this drastic revelation.

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Determine where things went wrong.
The best way to get your husband to love you again is to figure out where things went wrong. Was it a specific event or series of events that led your husband to fall out of love with you? What was your relationship like when things were good, and how can you get back to that point? If something specific caused your husband's feelings to change, try to address that issue. If he's been stressed out at work and you haven't been paying him enough attention or taking him for granted, fix the problem. Pay more attention to him. Let him know he's appreciated. Sometimes it can be the simplest solutions - like focusing more on your husband - that can get him to fall back in love with you.

How to show my husband I love him: think about things you can do to improve your relationship.
Have you noticed anything lacking in your relationship lately? Does your husband always want to do something in particular, but you never seem to find the time? Would your husband like to have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work? You shouldn't have to be a slave to your husband, but if your husband says he doesn't love you anymore, you can do simple things to improve your relationship and hope the love follows. If your husband complains regularly about some aspect of your behaviour - say, if he claims that you nag too much, for example - change your behaviour. Stop doing the things he doesn't like you to do. It may take some effort on your part, but if you show him that you're making an effort to make things comfortable and pleasant for him, your husband might remember the things he loved about you and be willing to work on your marriage. If possible, you and your husband should go away for a few days to spend time alone together. The stress of work, raising kids and everyday life can cause a big rift in even the best relationship, so it's a good idea to get away periodically and see if you can improve your relationship.

How to get your husband to love you again: give him space.
The one thing that is guaranteed to make your husband hate you and drive him away is to be desperate and clingy. It's natural to feel desperate when your husband says he doesn't love you anymore, but you'll never change his mind by behaving in an unattractive way. Few things are more unattractive than desperation. Give your husband the time and space he needs to work through the issues you're having. If he says he needs a few hours alone, don't bother him. Go watch a movie, visit your friends or work on a project. If both of you are feeling uncomfortable, it may be a good idea for you or your husband to get away for a few days to visit friends. A little time apart can give you a fresh perspective on your relationship, and why you love your spouse. If you're committed to making your relationship work, though, don't spend too much time away from one another or you'll grow further apart. The next time you find yourself thinking "How do I get my husband to love me?" - take a step back and think about his feelings before you approach him. Chances are good that if you're asking yourself that question, you're about to do something desperate which will just drive him further away.

Spruce up your appearance, and see if he notices.
Familiarity breeds comfort, and with the familiarity of a long marriage, your husband may have simply stopped noticing that you're a woman. After being married for a few years, you probably relax around the house and stop making an effort on your appearance. Turn this habit around. Dress up for your husband, even at home, and see if he notices the change. Get your hair done and dig out your old make up. If your married life has gotten sedentary, join a gym and work on getting in shape. Looking good will make you feel better about yourself, and your husband will probably notice both. If he does, you've got a little more power and can begin to work on getting him to fall in love with you again.

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